When you travel, the last thing you want to worry about is your pets' routines being disrupted! Our clients love that they can leave town with peace of mind in knowing that their pet sitter is "on the job", maintaining their pets' regular feeding and exercise schedules.


When you schedule daily visits with us, you will be matched with one of our vet tech sitters, and you will have the opportunity to meet them at a meet and greet before you leave. The same vet tech you meet is the one who will do all of your visits - we never send anyone in your home without giving you a chance to meet them! You will be able to discuss your pets' needs with your sitter, and communicate directly with them throughout your trip. Each time your pet sitter visits, they will follow your precise instructions for your pets' care. 


Daily visits are fully customizable! We can visit dog households anywhere from two to five times per day, depending on your dogs' needs. Cats, birds, fish, and "pocket pets" generally require fewer visits, but we must visit at least once every 48 hours, and can visit as frequently as three times per day. 

  • All visits include feeding, fresh water, photo/update 


Give Your Dog A Break During The Work Day!

Your dog may be able to "hold it" all day long, but what if you get called into a late meeting at work or run into a traffic jam? Wouldn't you feel better knowing that your pup had been given a chance to relieve themselves during the day? Many dogs get bored at home all day without a break, and can become vocal and even destructive. All dogs would love the opportunity to get out, sniff some new trees, and stretch their legs for a bit on a nice walk!

When you contact us to set up service, we will match you to one of our wonderful vet tech sitters. Your sitter will then contact you directly to schedule a meet and greet, where they’ll come to your home to meet you and your dog. The pet sitter you meet at the meet and greet will be the one walking your dog, so you can always be reassured that you know who is coming in your home. If your sitter plans to take time off, we always have a backup sitter available for you to meet ahead of time.


Most importantly, your dog will be able to bond with their pet sitter as they spend time together day after day creating a relationship, providing superior service, and giving you peace of mind during the work day. 

  • All visits include feeding, fresh water, photo/update 





A slumber party for your pet! 

When you schedule Overnight Stays, you will be matched with one of our vet techs sitters and will have an opportunity to meet them at a meet and greet before you leave. The same pet sitter you meet is the one who will do your entire reservation - we never send anyone in your home without giving you a chance to meet them! You will be able to discuss your pets' needs with your pet sitter, and communicate directly with them throughout your trip!


Your pet sitter will arrive at dinnertime between roughly (5-7PM) on the first day, stay overnight, and depart after breakfast roughly between (7-9AM) on the last morning. If the overnight stay is to continue through the next night, a 20 minute midday visit between (11AM-2PM) is included that day. Any visits you would like to add prior to dinner on the first day or after breakfast on the last morning may be added to the reservation at a charge.


With Overnight Stays, your pet sitter will spend any downtime at your house, but will come and go to perform other visits. Your pets will always have at a minimum: breakfast, midday, dinner, and late night relief. If your pet is on a strict medication schedule we will accommodate this as best as possible!


  • Each sitter will bring their own pillow and blanket. Sitters will stay where you prefer them to sleep and will follow all instructions. 

  • All visits include feeding, fresh water, photo/update and playtime        


Does your pet take any medications or need any medical care at home? We administer oral medications, eye medications and ear medications. If your animal is on a strict schedule for medications, we will accommodate these situations as best as possible to ensure your animal gets the absolute best medical care while you are away!

We know that subcutaneous fluids and or any injection can be a real tough task to perform by yourself at home. Why not leave it to the professionals who do this type of work all day, every day? We we will make this process as stress free as possible for not only you, but for your furry family member. 






What animal enjoys making a trip to the vet just for a nail trim? We haven't met one yet. In-home nail trims for dogs, cats and rabbits are extremely convenient for you as owners and also less stressful for your animals. We will travel to your home with our own equipment and an extra set of professional hands (or solo if you prefer to hold your own animal). We first trim all nails with nail clippers and then smooth out the sharp edges with our pet friendly dremel. We also have the ability to trim any unwanted paw hair or small mats for an additional fee. PCBA is not a grooming service and we do not perform full grooming. 

  • Nail trims include clipping of nail, smoothing Dremel & kisses!

Is your daily routine getting a bit too hectic to manage? Do you have multiple places to be at the same time and don't want your pets destination to be forgotten? We are here to help!

We offer one way or round trip Chauffeur services to help your pets get to where they need to be, without the extra stress it brings to you. All pets are safely attached to a veterinary approved seatbelt to ensure their safety. All trips are accompanied by soothing music to help relax your pet during their car trip (or Cardi B if that's what they prefer). We are currently only offering this service to Stamford residents. 


  •  Each additional dog is $5 extra/trip

  •  One way or round trip includes photo/update & an all natural treat!



Just because cats are independent creatures, does not mean they do not enjoy company while you are away! Making sure their litter box is clean, that they have fresh food/water and of course plenty of mental stimulation. All of these factors play a vital role in keeping your feline companions happy and healthy while you are away. 


  • 20 min visit includes feeding, fresh water, litter box cleaning, photo/update & playtime


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